Patricia Mc Cormack-French

A love for all things in the art world began at an early age for Patricia. She credits her grandfather, who served as the treasurer of the Museum of Modern Art, New York City for introducing her to the arts. Providing her with the exhibition catalogues as well as trips into the city, he sparked an interest that developed into a passion. Recognized in grammar school for her abilities, she received a scholarship to Pasadena Art Centre. From there, studies at University of California Santa Barbara under William Dole led to a focus on watercolour.

Born in Pennsylvania, but growing up in California, her work was influenced by the California plein-aire impressionists of the early 1900’s,as well as artists such as Sargent, Homer and Whistler. She also credits Timothy J. Clark, contemporary artist and lecturer at Art Students League N.Y.C. for making significant contributions to her art education.

Self-education has always played a major role in the pursuit of her talent and the writings of Robert Henri, a fellow American ex-patriot who painted on Achill Island in the 1930’s, serve as a foundation for her artistic philosophy. Known for her landscapes, horses and figurative work, Patricia currently works from her studio / gallery in Castlerock village. Dedicated to exploring artistic vision, a sketchbook, paints and easel are constant companions. While most of her time in the spring and summer months are spent on location as a plein-aire painter, studio work and commissioned pieces fill the winter months, working in acrylic and oils in addition to watercolour.

The breathtaking scenery and atmospheric conditions of Ireland provide inspiration, but often the challenging weather experienced during out of door painting sessions require the techniques of artists like Turner and Constable.  | 0203 589 1577