John Bergwyn Green

John was born in Burslem, Staffordshire, and studied Fine Art at Nuneaton School of Art. He graduated from Wolverhampton College of Art and has worked as a freelance book illustrator whilst continuing to paint.

Principally a figurative artist, John's work encompasses portraiture, still life and landscapes. He works almost exclusively in egg tempera. The linear technique imposed by the medium, combined with colour and composition, enables John to execute and build on his paintings, developing ideas and subject matter in the process.

All of John's paintings have a strong narrative. His portraits are the result of a real collaboration with the sitter and are not just about achieving a likeness. He incorporates visual references to the sitter’s life and interests, producing what are intensely personal paintings which retain a mystery and remain interesting. His still life paintings have an intensity and almost jewel like quality.  | TEL: 07912601966