Chris Gollon

I first became aware of Gollon’s work as I drifted through the art-dealing labyrinth of streets around Christie’s in St. James’ with my son Austin and friend, broadcaster and journalist Michael Murphy. One of Chris’ eye-catching paintings called out to me from a gallery window. Descending the art deco steps into the small space we were soon chatting with David Tregunna- Chris’s agent and close friend.

I was captivated by Chris’s paintings as I was of David’s sheer enthusiasm and genuine love. Its true to say that like the very best biographers, art-agents must love their subject and David has this affection for Chris in vast amounts. Both David and I jabbered for ages over our mutual love of Chris’s work on show and it was here that we hatched our plan to show Chris’s work in his home town. What strikes me about these paintings are their urgent vibrancy not just in the handling of paint but in the choice of subject – so full of narrative that you swear you can hear them speak.

I recall Francis Bacon telling me that a canvas needs to speak and I remember thinking “you’re barking Francis” but, later ,as my own journey in art continued, I learnt to see how a canvas gains its voice from the artist, if the artist has what it takes to impart the divine spark. Both Austin and Michael were entranced and became caught up in the moment with discussions of technique, style and meaning. Names such as Bacon, Stanley Spencer, Yeats were mentioned.

Works both in St James’ and the exhibition here at Visage gallery and in his previous exhibitions and commissions. The energy we see is the only similar thing that connects his work as I think each of Gollon’s paintings is unique. I’m thrilled and excited to be able to bring to you Chris Gollon’s latest work, not just for their investment value, but for the sheer, unadulterated beauty and vividness that Chris brings to every painting and my special thanks to David Tregunna for his commitment to this exhibition.

Jamie Dillon

Curator  | TEL: 07912601966